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What do you get in this amazing pack?

  • A happening marketing activity for your Startup or business every day.

  • Anytime free consultation about marketing questions you have about your startup or business. How does the FREE consultation work?
    How does the FREE consultation work?

  • A dedicated and experienced Growth hacker working for you every day. You get daily reports on the work done & the results for the day.

How does this work?

Everyday of the week, we do a hot and happening marketing activity for your startup or business. We DONT rely on age old marketing techniques that only depend on search traffic ( that give results 7 months from now ). We choose growth hack techniques that deliver results within 48 hours. Yes, the work we do will send you quality traffic instantly.

As per the trend, we keep changing these activities each week.

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Why a new strategy every month ?

just $199


Last weeks activity done for our customers:

* Monday Activity:

The marketing activity we will be performing today ( for our 1700+ loyal customers ) is one of a kind. The type that goes like a dose of 'Super Power' shot on your startup. We will review one of your competitor(who you know makes a lot of money).

But Why?

  • Your potential customers who are about to purchase from your competitor will for sure do this: Will search for a review of him online...&

  • That's where we will promote your product / app as " The audience choice of 2018 " on a leading digital magazine > so it impacts their decision in the last moment to checkout your product.

  • Now you have a potential customer on your site, who is about to BUY in the next couple of minutes. The perfect time for you to sell like hell!

* Tuesday Activity :

  • Finding people who search on Twitter for sergies related to your business vertical & bringing them to your site.

  • Did you know? Millions of people across the globe search on Twitter every day for various things they need.

  • We have a mechanism to find who searches for what. And if it is relatd to your business, we can message them privatly about your business and send them to your site.Learn more about Twitter marketing here.

* Wednesday Activity:

  • Identifying Facebook & LinkedIn Groups that fall in your business category. Posting an engaging post about your business in each of the groups.

  • Did you know? When you post in a group, each member of the group is directly notified about it as a notification.

  • We create a call to action post that tempts the members of the group to check out your product or business.Learn more about Facebook groups marketing here

* Thursday Activity:

  • Lets didicate the Tursday for Search engines.

  • We will find the best high traffic keywords for your product or business. We will write a guest post for the keyword. Post it on a high quality blog. Link your Product or business to the post. Ping the post to all the major search engines in the world.

* Friday Activity:

  • Laser Targetted Email Marketing

  • We will surf across the internet and find potential customers for your business or product. Our lead generators will filter and pick 100 email IDs. A promotional email about your business or product will be constructed. It will be sent via. high quality mail delivery engines like Amazon SES to the generated email IDs.

  • Instant converting traffic!

* Saturday Activity :

  • The reports day.

  • Our agents will send you a detailed report on all the acivities done. A stats of all the results / Traffic / Conversions that have happened due to the different activites. Get your view and suggestions. Discuss with you about the future plans and proceed.

Just $199 p.m


( 15 day 100% Refund Guarantee. No questions asked )


How does this service work?

It is just $199 per month. You can opt-out any time. Digital marketing experts with more than 10+ years of experience will choose a happening and required activity of the day and do it for your startup or business. Once its done you will be supplied with complete reports on the work done.

What sort of Digital Marketing activities are done?

All sort of activities that can boost your Websites presence and increase targeted traffic are considered every day. It ranges from cutting edge SEO, Social media marketing, Press releases, Email Marketing, Youtube exposure, Increasing Fan base etc.

How does the FREE consultation work?

As mentioned you also get 1 hour of FREE consultation every month from Digital marketing experts. Once you subscribe the entire details and process in which the consultation will be provided will be sent to you.


For just


15-day 100% Refund Guarantee. No questions asked

  • 1 New Marketing activity for your product / business every day.

  • Detailed reports on the activity & results.

  • FREE marketing consultation with our experts.


Have questions? shoot a mail to: info@salesinstrument.org

Celebrated by 1750+ happy customers !

" These guys are PRO's. The growth hack strategies they employ is beyond your imagination! I just keep getting visitors to my site, to whom I talk to and convert easily "
Markus Schmidt
Markus Schmidt
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" For just $199, I get a person working full time for my business. He sends me daily reports of work done and stats of the visitors coming to my site daily. This service is a boon for every startup or business "
Abigail Taylor
Abigail Taylor
" My marketing is totally taken care :) The best part is, the ingenious techniques these folks use to send me my target customers. I have no words to describe. Just give it a try "
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Finley Jorgensen